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What to do if in denial?

In Help Adicciones we have the most effective method to help in the acknowledgement of the problem.
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Help them acknowledge the problem

Help adicciones family intervention programme

Our method intervenes the whole environment of the addict.

Denial is a part of the recovery process. We must identify the problem and which substances the patient is addicted to.

We have two types of therapy: motivational and shock. This way, the patient will be able to be conscious of the problem and finally succeed at asking for help and start solving the problem.

The environment is important for us as well

In Help Adicciones we are aware of the frustration it causes for the environment of addicts not being able to find a solution to their problem.

We need a big implication on the addict’s side. Normally, once the problem is acknowledged, the addict promises not to relapse.B Unfortunately, the duration of this promise is likely to have an expiration date. Sometimes it lasts weeks or days, but in general it goes no further than a few hours.

This programme is also designed for you all

Our team of specialists will give you all the tools you will need to make this process more bearable. We know that sometimes it is complicated, but we do not want you to desist.

In this post wou will find more information about the environment of an addict Family and addiction

“If you identify the problem at home and want to help, this programme is also for you”

What are the aims of the intervention programme?


Initiating a detoxification and recovery process is more effective when neither the social nor the work life of the patient have been affected.


If the patient does not feel judged, there will be less resistance to being helped.


You are given the tools for you to help the patient.


After the analysis of our specialists, we will have a medical plan for an immediate intervention to successfully begin the detoxification and dishabituation of the patient.

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