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Help him to be the one again

Drug rehabilitation clinics and professionals at your service
  • Recovery success of 92%
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  • The best specialists. No one better to help you
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An advanced detox center

We have the latest techniques of detoxification

Last Detoxification Techniques

We are a private detox clinic composed by a group of specialists with a clear vocation: to help patients overcome their addiction. Through our methodology and our techniques, we have a 92% success in the recovery and reinsertion process.

Fully customized treatment

In the face of the same addictions, individuals react differently. We treat each patient individually. Our team of experts is comprised of psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, psychopedagogues, assistants & psychologists . As well as old formed patients who, like you, in their day overcame their addiction. They better than anyone know how you feel and also, how to help you.

Successes of recovery of 92%

In Help Addictions we follow a complete care treatment always aimed at detoxification and reinsertion, but never forgetting the personal situation of the patient. The combination of our therapy, environment and professionalism reflects our success.

Exclusive residential center

We have a residence clinic with a high degree of specialization and focus on your treatment so that you stop consuming and learn the tools of improvement in an exceptional environment. We have all the most advanced means and a highly qualified medical and support team to help you through the process.

clinica de rehabilitacion y desintoxicacion de drogas, alcohol, cocaina, marihuana, porros, hachis, heroina

– Day clinics and outpatient treatments

During your rehabilitation period, we offer assistance and outpatient resources to actively and continuously monitor the entire rehabilitation process.

– Support, follow-up and prevention clinics

We are a private detox clinic with a clear vocation: to help people with an addictive disorder with success. Recover them to 92% .

Another of our goals is to study and implant the most advanced and effective solutions in the treatment of addictions. We are specialists. We know the process perfectly.

You will overcome your addiction in 4 steps


In just a few days you will feel detoxified. You will feel positive effects from the first day.


You will learn, understand and internalize how to leave and overcome it without problem.


He will return to his life with a new attitude and with habits already integrated and accepted by him / her.


He will return to adapt to his work, family and environment with strength and without relapses.

Treatments for total rehabilitation

Detox clinics with all amenities

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What to do if you do not recognize the problem?

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