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Successful treatment for the detoxification from cocaine

A modern, effective and individualised method at an exclusive clinic
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How is cocaine addiction and what are its effects?

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs in existence nowadays and the substance with the most addict patients. It can be more damaging than heroine. In non-habitual consumers, surpassing the gramme can be lethal.

Usually, cocaine dependence appears jointly with additional substance abuse, like alcohol or psychotropic drugs. In these cases, poly-consumption is prevalent. There must be a special emphasis on an appropriate detoxification for these substances since only a specialised clinical treatment of those addictions will yield the desired results.

Abuse symptoms begin looking like those of a chronic cold combined with insomnia and weight loss. In severe cases, symptoms include dizziness, vomit, irritability, convulsions and hallucinations with recurring themes like insects crawling under the skin. It can lead to a perforation of the nasal septum if inhaled, skin infections if injected, or pulmonary haemorrhage if smoked.

Exposition to cocaine during foetal development is highly likely to cause irreparable damage in newborn babies. Damages on the central nervous system are frequently unrepairable.

Continuous medical and therapeutical support


You will see the exit since day one.


The successful cocaine detoxification treatment

A new way of doing things

Through our cocaine addiction treatment, we favour an internal change in the addict, making them understand how their illness works and giving them effective tools to face the symptoms of their sickness. It is necessary to modify habits, beliefs and behaviours through continuous learning and support. This way, they will be once again an individual, autonomous and independent person.
The ultimate aim of the treatment that we give in HELP ADICCIONES is the rehabilitation of people under an addiction in any aspect of their lives, be it personal, social or work related.
It is not just about stopping consuming. In HELP ADICCIONES, besides detoxification from cocaine and abstinence, we promote a quality and dignified life by learning. This way, we can go through the good and bad situations in life with balance and satisfaction.


The first phase is detoxification. It will be done gradually according to the consumed substance, in this case cocaine.


Training the user how their cocaine addiction functions, teaching first how to identify the symptoms of their illness.


We will give the patient useful and effective tools to face and manage their illness.


We will motivate the patient in all the necessary aspects to give them back a dignified and quality life.


We will rehabilitate the patient gradually into familiy, social and work life, giving them the tools to advance progressively.


We train the families in the complexities of the illness, making them collaborators in the recovery of the patient. The patient will be reintegrated into a dignified and quality life.


We will pursue en effective and lasting monitoring untils the rehabilitation is complete.


We establish relapse prevention programmes when necessary, motivating the user for their new life.

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