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The first we do is listen to you and understand you

We know what you are going through.
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We assess your case for free

Our commitment is to helping you

Our clinical team is going to help you with a free assessment to determine if the treatment in the Help Adicciones detoxification clinic is appropriate for you or somebody around you.B

Call us so that we can complete all the information and assess your case for free.

Understanding and assisting your addiction efficiently

An open conversation based on the comprehension and the search of solutions

Our department of admissions will answer any question you or those around you may have about the difficulties, causes and, in general, any doubt you may need to be solved about an addiction.

All the questions are important when we deal with a treatment to quit drugs or alcohol.

We want you back to well-being. We do not judge. We deal with it.

We do not judge, we deal with it

We have introduced this individualised alternative which guarantees satisfying results both for Help adicciones and for patients and those around them.

Our team of experts is formed by health professionals, nurses, assistants and psychologists who, just the same as you will, have overcome their addiction. They know, better than anyone else, how you feel and, also, how to help you.

Understanding and not judging is critical for us and for the treatment. Ther can be many triggers for someone to consume. Guilt does not solve the problem


Jose Manuel Torres Chief executive officer.


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