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Detoxification programmes with total effectivity

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An advanced detoxification centre

We use the latest detoxification techniques

Latest detoxification techniques

We are a private detoxification clinic formed by a group of specialists with a clear calling: help patients beat their addiction.

Due to our methodology and our techniques, we have a 100% success rate in the process of recovery and reintegration.

Exclusive residential centre

Our clinic is prepared to assist you at all times. We want you to start feeling the improvement during the first days and, to do that, we offer you a quiet location and a comfortable environment where you are the most important.

Completely personalised treatment

We all react differently under the same addictions. Because of that, here in Help Adicciones we treat each patient individually.

Our team of experts is formed by health professionals, nurses, assistants and psychologists who, just the same as you will, have overcome their addiction. They know, better than anyone else, how you feel and, also, how to help you.

100% Recovery success

Our method has obtained reintegration results of 100%.

In HELP ADICCIONES we follow a complete assistential treatment steered always towards detoxification and reintegration, but always bearing in mind the personal situation of the patient. The combination of our therapy, environment and professionalism reflects our success.

Detoxification programmes:






Information and patient assistance:

• Addiction test for you.
• Frequently asked questions and useful answers.

They do not admit to having a problem. What can I do?

Assistance and information

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Overcome an addiction in just 3 weeks

Our recommended path to defeat drugs and alcohol



In only 15-28 days you will feel detoxificated. You will feel positive effects from day one.



You will learn, understand and internalise how to give it up and overcome it without any problem.



You will go back to your life and you will have new attitudes and habits already integrated and accepted.



You will adapt once again to your job, family and environment with strength and without relapses.

Residential clinic

HELP ADICCIONES has a residential clinic with a high degree of specialisation. It focuses on your treatment so that you stop consuming and learn the tools for self-improvement in an exceptional environment.

The residential clinic has all of the most advanced methods and a highly qualified medical and support staff to help you throughout the process.

Day care centres and outpatient treatments

Help Adicciones maintains a strong commitment with the patient during their period of readjustment offering healthcare and outpatient resources to achieve an active and continuous monitoring of the whole rehabilitation process

Support clinics, tracking and prevention

HELP ADICCIONES, we are a private detoxification clinic with a clear calling: treating people with an addiction disorder with success guarantees and 100% recovery.

Another of our objectives is studying and implanting the most advanced and effective solutions in the treatment of addictions. We are specialists. We know the process perfectly well.


Centros sanitarios autorizados con certificación legal C-36-002459, C-36-002460, C-15-003355

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